From the comfort of your home, office, school, etc.


The principal of LPEG, Randa (pronounced RAN duh) Eason, is a veteran educator with over 20 years experience in traditional public, private, charter and vocational settings in her professional and personal experiences. A product of inner-city education, Randa intrinsically understands the marriage of external and internal forces couple to create unnecessary blockages and hurdles for inner city youth. Having successfully experienced, navigated and surpassed theses roadblocks, Randa has also successfully incorporated key strategies in her teaching and coaching of other educators to help unlock greater potential we all possess.

Understanding the historical neglect, as well as contemporary constraints of modern educational institutions, as it pertains to many people but concentrated in the inner city that festers and turn into individual and collective failures, Randa can no longer “do what she can.” As a teacher in educational institutions, you are a part of the institutionalized racism, sexism, classism, and other phobias that are inherently in the fabric of American schools. Instead of being a beacon of light in a prohibitive environment, Randa whether educate without restrictive chains.

At a crossroads in her career/passion, Randa was inspired by her favorite Youtube content creators and former students that send messages of appreciation, thanks, or seek information and resources. Randa decided to level up with, LPEG, impacting more than one classroom, grade level, school or community but reaching the masses.


LPEG is a private education consulting firm dedicated to informing,uplifting and problem solving with parents, educators and supporters of inner city youth.


  • Vlog Uploads Every Sunday and Wednesdays, Live, Fridays at 8PM
  • Private Support Group – 24/7
  • Private Consulting – By Appointment


LPEG is dedicated to helping to eradicate the achievement gap between factional groups in the U.S.that is in part responsible for devastating impact on lives in the inner city, unnecessarily.


Free general consulting via weekly vlogs, live sessions, private Facebook group, individualized private consulting sessions for parents,
educators, school officials dedicated to enrichment opportunities central to inner city youth.