Free Support Team

Free Support Team Beyond the weekly vlogs and live feeds, LPEG also has a private page. You can make posts regarding education, ask questions and our team of supporters, parents, educators and LPEG staff can help raise the level of consciousness and positive action.

Julia K.

As a colleague, Randa was committed to ensuring the success not only of her classroom, but of the entire grade level.  The most powerful methods I learned for strong pedagogy and classroom management as a beginning teacher were methods I learned from her.  I have the utmost respect not only for her innovative classroom practices and incredible results, but for the way she consistently went above an beyond to infuse joy and create a cohesive, positive school experience for our students so they could excel.

Wafa S.

Ms.Johnson’s teaching abilities were above the expectations of any first year assistant teacher can hope for. Her exemplar standards showed in both her love for her students as well as the extreme growth they exhibited. The skills I’ve learned from her still show in my work as an educator today.

Monique H.

” Randa was supposed to be my cooperating teacher during my student teaching experience. Due to an administrative error, I was placed elsewhere. I was totally bummed out because her style and presence spoke to me. I wanted to be be under her tutelage, not the traditional male perspective of history and boring classroom techniques. Going above and beyond, she still provided me with the guidance I sought. I am forever grateful. “